Jami Mosque Birmingham

The Jami Mosque & Islamic Centre (JMIC) for over 30 years has been at the forefront in responding and catering for the increasing needs and demands of the Muslim community. JMIC is located cheek by jowl to Birmingham city centre and in the heart of the Muslim community providing services seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days of the year. JMIC has been dutifully facilitating faith orientated services, implementing community programmes, as well as engaging in initiatives to empower and involve the local community.

Along with conducting the regular daily congregational prayers, Jumu’a and Eid prayers, the mosque has provided a range of programmes and services for the ethnically diverse Muslim community groups

The JMIC Trust

Jami Mosque & Islamic Centre is governed by a board of trustees who elect a council of managment to run the cenrtre in the best interests of the trust. The council of management are elected anually by the board of trustees through a secret ballot.

There is also a supreme council, a board of advisors whom oversee the running and make up of the centre as a whole. Trustees commit to themselves tirelessley for the betterment and progression of the centre. All trustees make voluntary contributions through their valued time and much needed financial support.