The Jami Mosque & Islamic Centre offers extensive facilities with onsite parking for community meetings, seminars and events.

In conjunction with IFE Sisters Dawah Group, free weekly educational circles are held in Bengali and English.

Catering for teenagers as well as under 13’s. Simultaneous sessions allow both mothers and daughters to come together in gaining knowledge.

JMIC Womens Group

Every Sunday three study circles simultaneously take place:

  • Bengali for ladies
  • English for ladies
  • English for children

In these sessions Tajweed al-Qur’an, Hadith, Tafsir, Fiqh, Sira of the Prophet (SAW) and His companions (RA) are studied.

In addition, general discussions regarding issues such as women’s rights in Islam, rights of parent/children and polygamy in Islam also take place as well as awareness programmes on current issues that affect the Muslim community, such as, the Cartoons of the Prophet (SAW), Palestinian issues, Siege in Gaza are also held.

In terms of events, bi-monthly & quarterly tea parties are organised as well as gatherings on both Eid occasions where everyone is encouraged to invite their extended family, friends and neighbours.

The womens group also organises fundraising activities for both local and international causes.

If you would like to take part, get involved or volunteer, please call the office on 0121 772 6408 or alternatively email us here.