Darul Uloom- Jamia Section

Jamia Section of Darul Uloom Al Islamiah

Darul Uloom Al Islamiah is a project of the Jami Mosques and Islamic Centre. One of element of this project is Jamia.

Jamia – Full-Time and Part-Time 16 + institute committed to producing the next generation of Islamic Scholars to lead the British Muslim Community.

Why Choose Darul Uloom Al Islamiah?

Our Darul Uloom is a forward thinking Madrassa where you can study Islam with traditional scholars but you will also be trained in the critical sciences of Islam.

Unlike many institutions all of our modules are formally assessed to ensure our scholars meet the criteria required to be considered Ulema.

You can choose to study full-time or part-time which allows working people the opportunity to complete an Alimiyyah programme whilst working and supporting a family

Our Evening Programmes are open to men and women.