Evening and Weekend Quran Madrasah

Jami Mosque Evening Madrasah

Teaching Qur’an recital and a core Islamic curriculum, the JMIC Evening & Weekend Madrasah runs 6 days a week for two and a half hours per day. Children are taught to read the Qur’an with Tajweed and its rules as well as given the necessary Islamic teachings through the very popular Tasheel syllabus.

Classes run Monday – Friday 5-7.30pm

You can enroll your child at any point during the year. In order to do so you must first bring your child for registration in which he/she will be tested in order to determine which class he/she will join.

Currently the evening class runs three classes 2 boys and 1 girls class. The girls class is taught by a female teacher.

Costs of enrollment are £20.00 registration fee, £10.00 books fee & £30 per month for classes.

You can download the application form HERE. Please fill in the form and bring it along with your child when enrolling.